10 Best Cities to Travel in Washington

Set on the Pacific Northwest coast of the States, Washington is home to a desirable array of various landscapes. Its spirited cities area unit tucked away amidst lofty mountains, scintillant lakes and on rugged coastlines.

While the gorgeous scenery is definitely one reason why many folks visit the state, Washington’s cities every present one thing new for you to relish as every has its own distinctive identity and culture.

Best Cities to Travel in Washington

Whether you’re trying to explore stylish and progressive point of entry, town’s vineyards or Olympia’s thriving arts and culture scene, Washington’s cities can ne’er queer with all that they need to supply.

10. Yakima

Soon once the Lewis and Clark Expedition discovered Yakima’s fertile soil, the realm was quickly settled, and thanks to its honest climate, it’s currently called the ‘Palm Springs of Washington’.

While the city’s downtown is home to all or any the conventional stores, occasional retailers and restaurants that you simply realize during a town of Yakima’s size, the most attractiveness is that the beautiful very little villages and vineyards that hug its outskirts.

Trawling round the scenic rural area whereas sampling delicious wine could be a pleasant thanks to pay some of days. The Yakama Nation Cultural Heritage Centre is well value stopping by to be told additional regarding Native yank history and culture.

9. Walla Walla

Set during a picturesque natural depression with rolling hills, wheat fields and vineyards encompassing it, Walla Walla’s wine business is booming and currently rivals Calif. with its fantastic wines.

While the general public return to sample the delicious wines and fine restaurants, the town includes a range of historic sites for guests to explore on the OR path, with the Fort town deposit being significantly fascinating to go to – it generally hosts diverting reenactments.

With a university city feel regarding it, town could be a hospitable place that’s as charming because it is spirited and friendly.

8. Redmond

Located simply to the Northeast of Bellevue, Redmond’s proximity to the town, and so point of entry, makes it a good choice if you’re trying to explore yet one more of Washington’s fantastic cities.

Home to Microsoft and lots of alternative companies, Redmond has scores of beautiful biking trails on supply. Marymoor Park and Lake Sammamish area unit within reach if you would like to immerse yourself in nature.

The downtown space has scores of retailers, restaurants, and cafes for you to settle on from, and Redmond offers up a additional relaxed pace of life than neighboring point of entry.

7. Olympia

Washington’s urban center Olympia is about during a lovely location on the shores of Capitol Lake, with the majestic Olympic Mountains lying on the horizon.

Despite its humble size, the town has thriving art, culture and music scene; it’s a really progressive and inventive place with its own distinctive identity.

There area unit variety of gorgeous buildings, with the State government building the unquestionable highlight. Before exploit, make sure to examine out a gig at one amongst the city’s several bars and music venues.

6. Port Angeles

Located on Olympic ground, lovely mountains type a stunning backcloth to Port Angeles, that includes a pleasant city district wherever you’ll grab a bite to eat or sit and have a occasional whereas taking within the views.

Established in 1862 as a armed services, the town’s economy currently depends on its timber business. the general public solely use it as a entryway to either close Victoria or the fantastic urban center Islands and therefore the spectacular geographic region of Olympic park.

While it will be quite bleak in winter, in summer, there area unit some beautiful beaches close. There area unit scores of nice outside activities to be had, like kayaking, hiking, and windsurfing.

5. Tacoma

Although typically derided for its ‘Tacoma Aroma’ that derives from the city’s paper mills, metropolis could be a pleasant place to go to and has a lot of improved its image in recent years.

While it should lack the sights of alternative cities within the state, metropolis includes a range of fascinating museums accessible, with its art deposit and history deposit rated among the simplest as they introduce you to the individuals and culture of the Northwest.

Lying on the shores of Commencement Bay, there’s some nice scenery on show. Tacoma’s restored downtown space has scores of retailers, restaurants, and bars for guests to examine out.

4. Bellingham

A very laidback and liberal town, Bellingham is placed on the bay of constant name. Its scenic city district could be a terribly stylish place to go, as recent warehouses currently house kinky occasional retailers, shop stores, and lots of nice restaurants.

Home to a various population of retirees and students, Bellingham was once four separate cities till they slowly incorporate into each other. this can be evident within the completely different look and feel regarding the varied elements of the town, with historic Fairhaven being the foremost enticing and engaging of the ton.

Located right within the high left-hand corner of the state, Bellingham is nearer to Vancouver than it’s to point of entry, therefore could be a good spot to prevent off if you’re on your thanks to North American country. or else, fancy the road and follow the beautiful North Cascade Loop which will take you round the lovely state.

3. Bellevue

Lying simply to the east of point of entry on the shores of Lake Washington, Bellevue is wide thought-about to be one amongst the simplest places to measure within the whole of the States.

An upmarket place with scores of nice retailers and classy boutiques, the town has some beautiful city district restaurants; gazing out over the lake and its boat-filled marinas whereas ingestion lunch could be a pleasant expertise.

With some pretty parks scattered regarding here and there and a few pristine nature and hiking trails found close in panther Mountain Regional Wildland Park, Bellevue’s proximity to point of entry makes it an ideal selection if you’re searching for a straightforward pleasure trip.

2. Spokane

The second largest town within the state, Spokane’s identity and history area unit closely tied to the watercourse of constant name that runs through it and a stunning series of waterfalls cascade their means through city.

For thousands of years, the city tribe gathered and fished here before European fur traders settled on the watercourse banks within the early 1800s. because the town grew and industrialised, the watercourse became lined by bridges and encircled by warehouses, till the middle was fortunately refurbished for the 1974 World’s honest.

As such, the peaceful and picturesque Riverfront Park is currently one amongst the city’s main attractions. though city is usually unnoted by tourists, its industrial design, nice restaurants, and thriving craft still scene definitely makes it value stopping by, and it acts as a hub for the remainder of the realm.

1. Seattle

With a large number of neighborhoods, every with its own distinctive feel and flavor, point of entry could be a ism town that has several sides to that.

Looking out over Elliott Bay, it’s a really inexperienced and leafed place that is continually pushing the boundaries – whether or not that be with its fantastic native cooking and kinky occasional retailers, its wide selection of microbreweries, or within the technical school field; world corporations like Amazon and Starbucks area unit based mostly here.

With illustrious attractions like Pike Place Market and therefore the picture house Needle landmark for you to go to, point of entry has hundreds for you to ascertain and do. foremost museums and pleasant design lie right next to the shimmering waters of the bay.

As always, exploring point of entry could be a treat and every neighborhood can present one thing new and distinctive for you to relish, whereas the scenery encompassing the town is beautiful to lay eyes on.

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